Autonomous Empirical Research Group


Our research group is dedicated to facilitating scientific discovery by automating the multiple stages of the empirical research process, including model discovery, experimental design, data collection, and documentation for open science. To achieve this goal, we are developing broadly accessible research tools, starting with an open-source framework for autonomous empirical research . Our group actively collaborates with researchers across different domains, with the shared objective of creating and sharing tools that uphold rigorous scientific standards of reproducibility and transparency, thereby promoting scientific progress.


Autonomous Empirical Research (AER)  is a paradigm centered around a dynamic interplay between two artificial agents. ​The first agent, a theorist, relies on existing data to construct computational models by linking experimental conditions to dependent measures. The second agent, an experimentalist, designs follow-up experiments to refine and validate models generated by the theorist. Together, these agents enable a closed-loop scientific discovery process. In addition, AER interfaces with platforms for automated data collection, such as Prolific or Amazon Mechanical Turk, which enable the efficient acquisition of behavioral data from human participants.