Autonomous Empirical Research Group

We ​strive to enhance and accelerate scientific discovery ​by automating multiple stages of the empirical research process, including model discovery, experimental design, data collection, and documentation for open science

pip install autora


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AutoRA release announcement:  A new release of AutoRA (Automated Research Assistant) now features Bayesian Symbolic Regression (Jin et al., 2019) for generating equations that explain empirical data. It also includes several strategies for identifying novel experiments, as well as basic control structures for performing closed-loop empirical research.


EEG-GAN release announcement:  : We have released a first version of a tool for augmenting EEG data using Generative Adversarial Networks. For more information, see our Resources.


AutoRA release announcement : ​We have released a second version of AutoRA (Automated Research Assistant) featuring an integration of the Bayesian Machine Scientist (Guimerà et al., 2020) to for distilling interpretable mathematical models from empirical data.


New team members : Younes Strittmatter and Joshua Hewson have joined our research group as research assistants. We also welcome George Dang to the team as senior data scientist.


First pip release of AutoRA : ​We have released the first version of AutoRA (Automated Research Assistant). The open-sourced functionality of AutoRA is currently limited to a DARTS theorist (differentiable architecture search), which interfaces with sklearn. We are still reworking and testing the interfaces of other components and hope to release these soon.


New team member : Chad Williams has joined our research group as a postdoctoral fellow.


New team member : John G. Holland has joined our research group as a senior data scientist. He will lead our efforts in open-sourcing autonomous empirical research.


Open position : We have a position for a full-time research assistant starting anytime from now. For more information, please see:


New team member: Star Li has joined our research group as an undergraduate collaborator. He will be adapting and integrating Bayesian Symbolic Regression into AER.


Launch : We officially launched the Autonomous Empirical Research Group through the BRAINSTORM Program at Brown University.