Autonomous Empirical Research Group

We ​strive to enhance and accelerate scientific discovery by automating each step of the empirical research process, from constructing a scientific hypothesis to conducting novel experiments.

pip install autora


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First pip release : ​We have released the first version of AutoRA (Autonomous Research Assistant). The open-sourced functionality of AutoRA is currently limited to a DARTS theorist (differentiable architecture search), which interfaces with sklearn. We are still reworking and testing the interfaces of other components and hope to release these soon.


New team member : Chad Williams has joined our research group as a postdoctoral fellow.


New team member : John G. Holland has joined our research group as a senior data scientist. He will lead our efforts in open-sourcing autonomous empirical research.


Open position : We have a position for a full-time research assistant starting anytime from now. For more information, please see:


New team member: Star Li has joined our research group as an undergraduate collaborator. He will be adapting and integrating Bayesian Symbolic Regression into AER.


Launch : We officially launched the Autonomous Empirical Research Group through the BRAINSTORM Program at Brown University.